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Located in NYC we are a hybrid creative agency + publication that assists niche industries in branding their businesses in the ever changing social media environment.

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Explore multimedia-driven narrative as a means to convey a message across numerous platforms.

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Empower your campaigns through tactical and experimental uses of social media commuities.


Strengthen your brand’s identity with an all encompassing collaborative marketing strategy.

Your story is Why BLUE MATTERS!

A.L. Roberts, Founder of Why Blue Matters

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We are strategists who don't limit our capacities for creative expression. No matter the size of the project, we have a solution whenever you need it.

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We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

WBM/AUTR: Fashion Magazine

WBM/AUTR: Fashion Magazine

As Nolcha Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week drew to a close this past February, Why Blue Matters was thrilled to speak with some of the designers who were showing their collections, as well as other passionate individuals making their mark in fashion.

Our features for WBM’s first, fashion-themed, digital magazine include:
Kerry Bannigan: CEO of Nolcha Fashion Week – Alyson Campbell Roy: AMP3 PR for Nolcha Fashion Week – Mandi Gallegos/Mikailee Alton: Fashion Designer shown at Nolcha Fashion Week – June Sohn: Fashion Designer shown at Nolcha Fashion Week – Aries: Jewelry Designer for MacraMade – Daniel Silverstein and Chris Anderson: Fashion Designer and Brand Manager for 100% NY – Lauren Luna: Shoe Designer showing at next fall’s Nolcha Fashion Week – Lena Lee: Fashion Blogger – Alina Fayer: Fashion Blogger – Claire Thompson: Fashion Illustrator – Rosalyn Lockhart: Make-up Artist – Jahmar Amani: Photographer – Shannon Jankula: Fashion Photographer – Janeisha John: Model, Actress, TV Personality – Kenny Williamson: Model

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WBM/AUTR: Wellness Magazine

WBM/AUTR: Wellness Magazine

We wanted to bring attention to some of the unique individuals who are involved in fitness, nutrition, and various other aspects of healthy living. This digital publication celebrates the diverse aspects of a life of wellness. We believe that, like anything else in life, wellness is a multifaceted experience that involves mind, body and spirit. Our features for April-May represent the best of these qualities through their accomplishments, perseverance and positive impact upon other.

Our features for WBM’s second digital magazine include:
Tommy Reynolds: Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Fitness Model – Ainsley Rodriguez: Personal Trainer and Model – Gordie Holt: Personal Trainer, Dancer and Choreographer – Malin Johansson: Gymnast and Personal Trainer – Sonya Looney: Professional Mountain Biker – Nicole Katz: Yoga216 Founder and Yoga Practitioner – Rochelle White: Yoga Teacher at Fitness Yoga Works – Christy Morgan: Vegan chef, aka “The Blissful Chef”, and author – Barnivore: Toronto’s not-so-secret database for vegan alcohol.

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CA Square

CA Square

With an amazing relaunch underway, Why Blue Matters consulted and has developed social media strategies/campaigns for the world renown and award winning branding agency, CA Square.

Elvira Guzman PR/Elvie G

Elvira Guzman PR/Elvie G

Giving your brand a voice is by no means an easy task. For the release of Your Blueprint: An Interactive Guide For Remembering Your Purpose In Life, the self-help/motivation book of celebrity publicist, Elvira Guzman of Elvie G PR, Why Blue Matters developed the social media campaign to launch across her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social networks.

Headcase Sound

Headcase Sound

In order to raise brand awareness for their crowdfund campaign, Why Blue Matters developed a 30-day photo challenge that engaged a new audience via the social network, INSTAGRAM that generated thousands of visitors and drove traffic to their website.



In an effort to create organic growth with customers during the Mountain Dew: Deweezy Tour, Why Blue Matters created a product experience like no other. Our brand activation placed product on fans while they posted Instagram profiles and Tweeted the experience. This PX (product experience) proved to be a success by reaching over 5.2 Mil impressions within a 72-hour time window. In addition to our brand activation via the Deweezy Tour,  Why Blue Matters managed the Twitter & Facebook profiles of Trukfit and in a four-mouth period garnered over 209 Million Impressions as well as redirected fans/customers to their e-commerce platform for online sales.

Liquid Lightning

Liquid Lightning

  • Raw Energy: Contest/Campaign

In an effort to create sponsorship opportunities for independent recording artists, Why Blue Matters created a 30-day social music campaign and contest featuring some of the hottest emerging talent from across the United States. This resulted in the brand being exposed to a new marketplace nationwide, in addition to more publicity for each of the artists involved. The campaign/contest garnered over 35 Million Impressions via the social networks of Twitter & Facebook, and drove additional traffic to the Liquid Lightning website.




In 2009, we were inspired to do something amazing. Our mission: Identify those not only in pursuit of their aspirations, but those who had the vision, patience, and determination to turn their aspirations into something tangible.

The result: The discovery of individuals and organizations who would become hue-man interest pieces while giving new significance to the color blue.

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  • Thanks for helping us spread the word.

    Warby Parker via Twitter
  • They are extremely supportive in my career and I’m over the moon grateful for it.

    Jay Saint via Facebook
  • Humbled by what you’ve shared about our book. I can’t thank you enough.

    Michelle Rosado, Author
  • LOVE Why Blue Matters. Why? Because I love blue and because they matter.

    Lonna Marie via Facebook


Get in touch with our creative team to discuss any upcoming projects, features/reviews in our publication and unique partnership opportunities.

We believe in legends.

Our platform has a solid foundation in professional networking and promoting emerging artists, musicians, community leaders, authors, and designers. We are strategists who don’t limit our capacities for creative expression.

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